1、Decentralized supervisory control of fuzzy discrete event systems_1 2、Diagnosability of fuzzy discrete event systems A fuzzy approach_1 3、Kernel based gene expression pattern discovery and its application on ca 4、Reliable supervisory control for general architecture of decentralized d 5、Robust least squares support vector machine based on recursive outlier e 6、A new hybrid method for gene selection_2 7、An Improved Multiple Fuzzy NNC System Based on Mutual Information And Fu 8、BASSUM A Bayesian semi-supervised method for classification feature sele 9、Bisimilarity control of partially observed nondeterministic discrete eve 10、Tongue coating image segmentation based on combination of morphological 11、What is Unequal among the Equals Ranking Equivalent Rules from Gene Expr 12、The deployment and evaluation of a bioinformatics grid platform The HUST 13、Decentralized Diagnosis of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems_2 14、An efficient embedder for BCH coding for steganography_1 15、Reliable Decentralized Control of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems and a Tes 16、Luminescence and Energy Transfer in Europium and Bismuth Codoped Trisodi 17、An improved clustering ensemble method based link analysis_1 18、Energy cost evaluation of parallel algorithms for multiprocessor_1 19、Hybrid Intelligent Control for Submarine Stabilization_1 20、Scheduling of Single-Arm Multi-Cluster Tools to Achieve the Minimum Cycl 21、Photoluminescence and energy transfer in cerium and terbium co-doped tri 22、Causal Gene Identification Using Combinatorial V-Structure Search_1 23、Regularized Gaussian Mixture Model based discretization for gene express 24、Petri Net-Based Optimal One-Wafer Scheduling of Single-Arm Multi-Cluster 25、A Similarity-Based Classification Framework for Multiple-Instance Learni 26、An architecture-level graphics processing unit energy model_1 27、Polynomial-time verification of diagnosability of fuzzy discrete event s 28、A General Framework of Hierarchical Clustering and Its Applications_3 29、A K-Farthest-Neighbor-based approach for support vector data descriptio 30、Fatigue detection with 3D facial features based on binocular stereo visi 31、Electromagnetic characteristics and microwave absorption properties of 32、enhanced soft subspace clustering through hybrid dissimilarity_1 33、Scheduling of Single-Arm Multi-cluster Tools With Wafer Residency Time C 34、一种基于GPU的高精度体系结构级功耗模型_1 35、Learning Planning Domain Descriptions in RDDL_1 36、Hybrid Facial Image Feature Extraction and Recognition for Non-invasive 37、Deterministic identification of specific individuals from GWAS results_1 38、Tight Upper Bound for Accelerating Reconfiguration of VLSI Arrays_1 39、Mortality in Relation to Frailty in Patients Admitted to a Specialized G 40、A robust one-class transfer learning method with uncertain data_1 41、Characterization and properties of weakly optimal entanglement witnesses 42、Safe Diagnosability of Fuzzy Discrete-Event Systems and a Polynomial-Tim 43、A Chaotic-Cipher-Based Packet Body Encryption Algorithm for JPEG2000 Ima 44、A Sphere-Description-Based Approach for Multiple-Instance Learning_1 45、Optimal Scheduling of Complex Multi-cluster Tools based on Timed Resourc 46、Cost-Sensitive Action Model Learning_1 47、A novel flexible activity refinement approach for improving workflow proc 48、Theoretical calculation and experiment of microwave electromagnetic prope 49、A maximum margin approach for semi-supervised ordinal regression clusteri 50、BP neural network based continuous objects distribution detection in WSNs 51、Scalable privacy-enhanced traffic monitoring in vehicular ad hoc networks 52、Pareto-Optimization for Scheduling of Crude Oil Operations in Refinery vi 53、A Genetic Algorithm Approach to Short-Term Scheduling of Crude Oil Operat 54、A multiple-instance stream learning framework for adaptive document categ 55、[1-4]paper1:IJNS-2017-EI_1 56、[1-3]paper1:IJNS-2017-EI_1 57、[1-2]paper5:SoftComput-2016-SCI_1 58、[1-1]paper4:SoftComput-2017-SCI_1